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Trapgame, an Escape game or an Escape room, more than an adventure, an enriching experience to share. A hobby for everyone! (With friends, family, colleagues, travelers, students, birthdays, EVJF/EVG)

In a highly immersive universe with realistic settings, you will have one hour to solve puzzles, open secret passages and complete an adventure in which you are the hero!

If you wish to play in English, please specify it in the comments section when booking.


Visit our dedicated page to discover the measures implemented in our rooms and how to play safely at Trapgame. Wearing a mask is mandatory for staff as well as for customers aged 12 and over..

Autres lieux

Halloween Trap

2-4 Personnes

L'Agence 51

1-6 Personnes

The Agency 51 requires your skills to save the world from an imminent threath.


L'Atelier des Lutins

Version adultes
2-6 Personnes

L'Atelier des Lutins

Version enfants
2-6 Personnes

Jurassic Jones

2-6 Personnes

Le chalet de Grand-Mère

2-6 Personnes

Sherlock's Home

2-6 Personnes

Vice Versa

2-6 Personnes

Retour à Alcatraz

2-9 Personnes

L'officier Smith est de retour, il vous enfermera prochainement dans sa toute nouvelle prison.

Big Bang

2-4 Personnes


Les Pirates du Blacktrap

2-6 Personnes

Le Manoir Abandonné

2-6 Personnes

Autres lieux Trapgame


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2 aventure extérieure (Sion / Charrat)

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