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Trapgame Escape Room

L'Agence 51

1-6 Players

Discover our new escape game to be played using video conferencing !

Your remote intervention team will enter in our interactive theatre and control our Game Master-actor in our real-world rooms. Thanks to your special agents skills, the Game Master will follow your orders to move into the different places of the adventure. You will have to search among the virtual documents you have and play in collaboration to solve puzzles both from our gaming platform and from our real-world rooms.

Play with your friends, your family or your colleagues and share together an immersive adventure directly from your home !
This adventure can be played in family, with only one computer, or with several players remote connected.
You will completely play online from our gaming platform and will be in touch with the members of your team and our Game Master via the Zoom video conferencing application.

For your comfort, if you are several players in the same room, we recommend to open the web page (that you will receive with your booking email) on several devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc). Part of the game is indeed on this web page and there will be different documents to look at, at the beginning of your adventure. This way, everybody can actively participate ! But no need to connect them all on Zoom, only one device is enough for various players gathered in the same room.

The Agency 51, an intergovernmental organization classified top secret, requires your skills to save the world from an imminent threath.
Thanks to a picked up encrypted message coming from outer space, the Agence 51 has discovered that aliens are coming to attack Earth.
Centuries ago, the first aliens came on Earth to hide power stones which would allow them to accomplish their dark purpose.
The research team of the agency has found a way to stop the threath by using those stones against the aliens.
A top secret mission has been launched to get the stones but the agent has just been captured.
Your remote intervention team joins immediately the mission...


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